Step-by-Step, psykologisk självhjälps-app för syriska flyktingar

Främjande eller förebyggandeInsatser vid lindrig till medelsvår psykisk ohälsa

Step-by-Step utilizes evidence-based cognitive behavioral techniques including behavioral activation, psychoeducation, stress management, increasing social support, positive self-talk and relapse prevention.

The self-help intervention consists of 5 weekly sessions that tell a continuous story through illustrated educative narratives. Within these narratives, interactive exercises (e.g. breathing exercise for stress management; activity planner for behavioral activation) are embedded. Users are instructed to plan and practice these between sessions. All texts are available in Levantine Arabic dialect and in English.

The app is fully audio supported for illiterate users.

The illustrations and Arabic texts were culturally adapted for Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian populations.

The content of Step-by-Step was developed with experts in psychological care, e-mental health and global mental health. It has gone through extensive peer-review, with over 30 external experts reviewing the intervention.

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