Health of older refugees and migrants (2018)

Främjande eller förebyggandeInsatser vid lindrig till medelsvår psykisk ohälsaInsatser vid medelsvår till svår psykisk ohälsa

Population ageing caused by consistently low birth rates and increased life expectancy represents a major current social trend across Europé. This technical guidance, released by WHO in November 2018, aims to inform policy and practice development specifically related to improving the health of older refugees and migrants within the European Union and the larger WHO European Region. Both ageing and migration are in themselves complex multidimensional processes shaped by a range of factors at the micro, meso and macro levels over the life-course of the individual, but also with intertwined trajectories. Responding to the needs of older refugees and migrants, therefore, must be integrated into all dimensions of ageing policies and practices across Europé. Relevant areas for policy-making include healthy ageing over the life-course, supportive environments, people-centred health and long-term care services, and strengthening the evidence base and research.

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