Resources to support mental health during crisis

The purpose of this collection of resources is to aid mental health needs caused or worsened by the covid-19 pandemic. The resources include advice, information and links to other websites and organisations.

Illustrerad bild på flera coronavirus med grön tonad bakgrund

For each group, resources on the following topics are provided:

  • Anxiety
  • Social connections
  • Finding meaningful activities
  • Maintaining routines: Food, sleep, and exercise
  • Hope and belief in the future
  • Domestic and sexual violence: How to get help

Official information on the corona virus and mental health

Municipal and regional authorities may have relevant information concerning local conditions – visit the website for the municipality or the region you live in for more information

Resources to support mental health during crisis – content and development

Content within Resources to support mental health during crisis is developed by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, in cooperation with the organisations that host and provide resources, such as care providers, government agencies and charities – read more here (in Swedish).

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